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Habibi Rodriguez

Feb 23, 2023 11:25

Urgent Freelancer for hire(Just need a chance)

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Career Change

Good afternoon team,

My name is Habibi Rodriguez. I am a freelancer looking for work in the Art Department as a Set Dresser. Since August last year, I have been waiting for a call to work for Local 52. I received my Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 30-Hour & Aerial Lift Certifications. Although I do not have experience as a Set Dresser, I am socialized to all the moving parts of being on sets as a model and actor, and as a few years ago, a Production Assistant (PA). I have a 15-year career as a certified handyman with experience working in the private and non-profit areas, with specific hands-on experience in commercial and residential renovations. For example, I was a Site Supervisor for two merged companies and oversaw large-scale work duties and front-line minutiae duties. Yet, due to the pandemic, I lost my job and now work at Amazon in the Hudson Valley. I want to use my skills for my new career in the film industry and hope to have an opportunity to meet with you and your team and discuss how my experience can support your current and future work!


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