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Oct 07, 2020 06:14

Help MICRO build six-foot tall museums!

New York City Job

Job Details

Job title:
Museum Tech Supervisor
Union status:
$ 25/HOUR
Kit Fee:
Start Date:

Please note that this is a full-time, salaried position. Salary is commensurate with experience. The hourly rate is inaccurate.

MICRO is looking for a Museum Tech Supervisor who will own and manage some of the most exciting challenges in new museum design. They will be responsible for building and engineering MICRO’s growing fleet of six-foot tall museums.


Do you have a background in highly detailed fabrication? Have you worked in museum exhibitry, model making, or prop building? If you’re a hyper-organized, self-motivated doer who loves to tinker and solve problems and wants to work with beautiful museums, the Museum Tech Supervisor position at MICRO is your dream job.

You will play a critical role as the bridge between museum design and museum fabrication. You’ll work with CAD and help to manage specialist contractors, but you are very hands-on and will make sure that MICRO’s museums are beautifully built and running perfectly. From the skillful operation of drills, drivers, and dremels to the application of graphics on Corian, you are a creature of all trades who is excited to help MICRO grow.

MICRO is an equal opportunity employer and actively recruits people of color, women, individuals with disabilities, and members of the LGBTQ community. Non-US citizens OK.



MICRO creates six-foot-tall museums that transform public spaces into interactive learning environments, increasing access for diverse populations and making world-class museum experiences accessible to all. 

We bring together scientists, designers, and storytellers to squeeze a vast, complex world into museums the size of vending machines. Then we replicate the tiny museums and install them in unexpected places like hospital waiting rooms, transit hubs, and the DMV. 


Museums are trusted sources of knowledge, but traditional brick and mortar museums are geographically clustered. In NYC, Manhattan has 85 museums. The Bronx has 8. The boroughs have the same population. 

The impact museums have is demographically narrow: across America 90% of museum visitors are white, and museum entry is often expensive. 

MICRO wants to change that. 

MICRO has been called a “storytelling machine.” It was awarded the Tribeca Film Institute’s 2017 New Media Award, SXSW‘s 2019 Place by Design Award, and two Editors’ Choice Awards at the World Maker Faire.


  • Outfit and repair MICRO’s museums and exhibits, deploying a wide range of tools and techniques in our workshop as well as in the field
  • Create workflows and processes to manage a small team of contractors
  • R&D internal components and delivery systems
  • Prototype and refine museum exhibits 
  • Organize and improve the processes that support and enable core tasks, including but not limited to: workshop maintenance, updating key documentation, and sourcing necessary components and supplies
  • Maintain a high personal standard for excellence and productivity
  • Participate in collaborative problem solving, planning, and retrospectives as a member of a diverse team


  • 3+ years experience in custom fabrication, manufacturing, lighting, museums or other relevant field.
  • Management experience/interest in leadership
  • Must demonstrate a broad range of technical skills related to carpentry, metalworking, plastics fabrication
  • Knowledge of electrical systems, AC and DC power distribution, microcontrollers, lighting and effects
  • Ability to read and interpret engineering drawings
  • Understanding of common shop chemicals and solvent compatibility
  • Familiar with workshop safety procedures, use of PPE
  • Knowledge of cosmetic finishes, polishing techniques, applique graphics, fine detail work
  • CAD and drafting skills, Fusion 360 preferred

Additional Skills & Qualifications

  • 3D printing experience
  • Programming Languages, Arduino experience
  • Adobe Graphic Design Software
  • Specific experience working with Corian or Acrylic
  • Driver’s License with box truck experience

Personal Attributes

  • Proactive and self-motivated
  • Respectful of diverse team members and perspectives
  • Willing to learn and incorporate house style and methods
  • Creative problem-solver who thrives in ambiguity
  • Considerate, effective communicator who values feedback
  • Ability to quickly diagnose problems and propose solutions
  • Close attention to detail

How to Apply

Email your resume, cover letter, and any additional information to [email protected] with the subject heading MUSEUM TECH SUPERVISOR. Be sure to mention how you heard about the position. 

For any questions not answered here or at, you may contact [email protected]

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