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Steve Hozan

Jan 10, 2018 03:11

Hi! New to the group. Renting ANYTHING coin-operated in NYC area

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Hello everyone, I was referred to this group by a New York set decorator that I have worked with in the past. She thought that I may be a good resource to the group for the weird and unusual items I rent. My company is called Arcade Specialties. We rent a wide variety of coin-operated games and vending machines from the 1940s-present day, including: 1. Arcade Games: Video arcade games (80s, 90s, 00s) Pinball machines (50s-00s) Electronic darts Dance Dance Revolution dance machines Electronic darts Touchscreen arcade games/ bartop Kiddy rides (various themes) Toy crane machines/ claw machines (can brand with your own logos/ merchandise) Candy crane machines cocktail table video arcade games 2. Table Games: Ping Pong tables (4 available) Foosball tables (3 available) Shuffleboard tables Shuffle bowling machines (1950s) 3. Food Machines: Glass front snack machines (1970s-2000s) Candy machines (1960s-70s) gumball machines Ice cream vending machine (1980s) Sandwich machines (1990s) 4. Drink Machines: Soda machines (can or bottle) (1950s-2000s) Coffee machines (1990s) 5. Misc vending/ coin-op machines: ATM machines Cigarette machines (1950s-1970s) Pay Phones (touch-tone and rotary) Phone Booth (metal) Change machines Coin Op scales Love Tester machine Fortune teller machine / Zoltar Condom machines 6. Music machines: Record jukeboxes (1950s-1980s) CD jukeboxes (1990s) Diner wall boxes (CD or Record) Wall-mount CD jukeboxes 7. Video Game w/ 43'' TV consoles: Nintendo Switch Nintendo Wii Nintendo 64 Super Nintendo I do not mean for this to be solely a promotional post for the business to rent items. I and my business partners are very collaborative with our clients to ensure the item functions on set as needed for the production to happen without any flaws. We have rented items for major commercials, TVs shows, series, and movies over the years and would like to forge some more connections as a resource for coin-op machines and games. Most any of our items can be customized by us or you (decals, graphics, lighting, etc etc) to fit the requested style intended. We are located in Bridgeport, CT (southern CT, just 50 miles north of NYC) and can arrange delivery, on-site consulting as needed. Visit our website here (note the Prop Rentals page in the main menu): Thanks for reading! Steve Hozan Arcade Specialties * Join to View *

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