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Heather La Kor

Mar 07, 2018 03:29

How To: Video Recipe Workshop, March 14th 6:00-9:00pm

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cube! We are giving a 3-hour workshop at AbelCine's new home in Industry City teaching you how to prep for, style, shoot and edit those tasty and delicious video recipes you see everywhere! We will shoot and edit a video recipe before your eyes and be available to answer all of your questions: -or- ( This workshop has been presented at the International Culinary Center, as well as Pilotworks (formerly Brooklyn Foodworks). If this isn't your taste, please share with anyone you know in the foodspace: recipe developers/bloggers, food stylists, food-entrepreneurs, food marketers and PR folk, youtube recipe channels etc. Also, be sure to tell them to bring a business card: one lucky attendee will win a free video recipe at our Williamsburg studio. Thanks for the share, cube and cubers and friends can get a 15% discount using the code VHT15
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