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Madison Hatch

Feb 11, 2019 09:22

ISO Fabricator to Make Monolith

New York City Job

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Hey Cube!

I’m on the hunt for a talented fabrication house or fabricator to make a couple monolith’s for a Icelandic music video shooting March 4th/5th. It is a passion project, however the director is paying for the Fabrication fees, so I wanted to reach out and see if anyone is at all interested in something of this nature. The director has an spectacular reel, so it would get quite a bit of attention, and in the end the project could be pretty incredible as well.

I haven’t worked with too many fabrication houses or fabricators for a unique build as this, so I’d love to find someone who is down to flesh out ideas on how to make these monoliths unique and eye catching, and is willing to bounce around ideas, and end up with something we’re both proud of.

THE MONOLITH (2 Matching Monoliths Total)

SIZE: 9’T x 3’W x 1’D

The Practical Textured One – Beautiful Texture, Slate inspired, sleek

– The Lightbox One – This version will be a carbon copy, expect will need to have a material that can be translucent or can emit a strong light from the inside out. Maybe a plexi, however I’d love to source a unit translucent medium to use. This is where I’m looking for most of the help!

If you’re interested at all, send over an email to [email protected] with resumé/work/website.


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