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Lauren Burge

Mar 10, 2020 08:44

ISO High End Commercial Espresso Machine

New York City Legacy

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Hey everyone!

I got lucky once with a product placement deal and now I’m in need of a rental… I have a few leads but this is the second time I’ve gone through a very difficult search for a high-end espresso machine rental (DOES NOT HAVE TO WORK). Does anyone have any leads? Al It’s surprising that it isn’t easier to rent a barista-type setup but here we are.

I’ve tried all the usual suspects for prop rentals as well as most of the big party rental places and Artamus, Win Depot, NY Equipment Sales, Rogers and Sons, Kitchenall and some other Restaurant suppply. Goose Eggs… I’ve left some messages at some espresso machine repair places…



Email me at [email protected] if you can!

Thank you!

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