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Yaroslaw Molinsky

Jun 25, 2018 02:03

ISO: Realistic Woodland Creature Puppet or Taxidermy

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Hey Cube Pals! I'm lookin to buy or rent a woodland pal for a short that I'm working on with some friends this month. Looking for something in the raccoon, possum, squirrel, groundhog family. Fairly realistic puppet or taxidermy- nothing too muppet-y or sock puppet-y. We're essentially funding the short ourselves in order to create some portfolio material in our respective fields, so budget is small- Def willing to pay, but the cheaper the better. If you have a connection to someone who owns/would be willing to rent one or if you are a prophouse willing to make a deal for some young broke filmmakers I would owe you the world. Go ahead and respond @ * Join to View * or text/call me at (301) 518 9008. Many thanks, Potter PS: this short is being filmed outside of Portland ME so connections up there would be appreciated as well!
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