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Jan 14, 2020 11:37

ISO Set Designer for Tier 1 werewolf comedy (Upstate, Kingston & Phoenicia)

Hudson ValleyKingston Job

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Job title:
Set Designer
Union status:
$ 27.87/HOUR
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Start Date:
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Hey all, Chicago-based Art Director here, just arrived in upstate NY, and looking for a nice, collaborative, and experienced union Set Designer for our little movie. It’s a Teir 1 werewolf-comedy starring Sam Richardson, Imogen Poots, and a bunch of other cool folks. PD is Bret Tanzer.

Overall looking at something like 2-3 weeks of work, flexible pending schedule, to begin ASAP. Particulars of location and lodging and whatnot will depend on the individual.

Work would be:

1) A handful of location surveys, for plug walls & director plans (mostly in Phoenicia)

2) Some Google Maps-generated director plans for exteriors

3) A survey of our stage space (located near Woodstock/Kingston)

4) Designing our one full stage build (scripted as a “hipster ax-throwing bar in an old barn”), which will involve some stunt and SFX considerations (fight scene, working fireplace, etc).

Not looking for pre-viz artwork or other ancillary things, just the nitty-gritty. I don’t care what software you work from, though please include examples of your work if you’re interested and available!

Happy to hop on the phone, but firstly email is best: [email protected]

Thanks y’all!

Matt Hyland

ps – rate is a guess based on the 829 rate sheet, I need to verify!

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