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Feb 09, 2018 10:42

ISO Snow Machine

New York City Legacy

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Hey cubers, I'm looking for a reliable snow machine for a project shooting next weekend. So far I have researched the following vendors: EFEX Rentals, J&M Special Effects, Zigmont Magic FX, Blank Extreme Entertainment LLC and Froggy's Fog -- and found prices that vary heavily from $105 for a small box machine to $750 for a large "blizzard" effect, in addition to fluid expenses. The director is willing to compromise depending on what machine we are able to afford (as we're on a shoestring budget) but is leaning towards the higher end products for the desired effect. If anyone has any vendor recommendations, especially NYC based ones, please don't hesitate to respond! Ideally, we are looking for a snow machine with the power of a Zigmont Magic FX T1500, but for a lower day rate. Thanks!
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