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Angela Girardla

May 02, 2018 07:48

Large Solid Metal Anchors

New York City Advice

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Hi artcube! I am in search of (2) large, solid metal yachtsman anchors. They should be about 2.5' -3.5' tall, give or take a few inches, and made of solid metal all the way through (so fairly heavy). All the ones I have been finding in that size are made of aluminum or steel tubing, and weigh less than 10lbs. I need this by Sunday night, as they need to be on screen the next morning. I am located in Bath, PA but am willing to travel to pick up or pay for expedited shipping. I've checked scrap yards, maritime stores, and Cabelas. We are looking to purchase, not rent (unless you're ok with renting to a weapons testing show that might damade the items). Please let me know if you have an idea of where I can find this! Thanks Angela La (917) 607-3565

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