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Aspen Nelson

Sep 12, 2023 10:08

Urgent Looking For Bar Decor & Other Props

New York City ISO
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ISO Details

ISO Category:
Set Dressing

ISO of these objects for an upcoming shoot:

  • a used iPhone 14 phone case (would be okay if its not used)
  • A janky charger (does not have to work and can be an old, wide-head iPhone charger too)
  • Christmas tinsel
  • Pics of New York ( framed or not)
  • Any sort of beer-related paraphernalia
  • Air fresheners

Anything that you are willing to get rid of or lend would be super helpful! production is not in a position to pay much but any donations would be greatly appreciated :) It's for an indie short about abortion. Mainly recent grads trying to bulk up their portfolio.


2 Responses

  1. What is this for? You might get more response if people have more context what they are donating to or why you can’t pay, and if you are in accordance with the strike. If you are a 501 C-3/non profit or school, I recommend making an account/appointment with Materials for the Arts!

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