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Apr 24, 2018 03:03

Looking for source for 12-inch tall clear AMAC box

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Hi, Cube - Am looking for a pre-made AMAC box that's about 12 inches tall, 6-ish inches wide, and clear. I've poked around on the websites of the usual suspects (Canal Plastic Center; Industrial Plastics; T&T PlasticLand; 888 Display USA; The Container Store) and they don't seem to carry anything off the shelf with those dimensions (or anything super close). I'm planning on calling at least a few of them to see if they've got anything in stock (or maybe even leftovers from a custom order), but thought I'd see if any ArtCubers have suggestions of where to look/who to contact. A recap of what I'm looking for: -Acrylic or other plastic box -roughly 6 in (w) x 12 in (h) x 6 in (d) -clear -will be displayed vertically -hinged door at the top a plus Thanks!!

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