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Yaroslaw Molinsky

Feb 22, 2019 06:59

!Models Needed for Women Only Photography Series!

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I am creating a photo series and essay that will discuss the world’s impact on women in terms of sociology and psychology. I will discuss relationships in families, friends, and partners in addition to religion and sexuality. I have drawn inspiration from fictional stories, the Bible, mythology, and the media for my concepts. This is a series for everyone to learn from or relate to. I am shooting this in 6 by 7 medium format color film.

I need 5 to 6 female models from 19 – 30 years of age. Some of the models will need to be comfortable with full nudity of the chest area and skin colored underwear. Not all of the photographs will have nudity though. If you contact me I can talk with you in more depth about the nudity. On set there will be 6 women on the crew (including me) and 5 other models. There will be robes to wear just before the photographs will be taken to minimize the amount of time you are nude. I want to make you as comfortable as possible, so please let me know what I can do.

This project is extremely personal but also extremely relatable for most women. Being a model in this series would be contributing to an idea much bigger.

Food will be provided!

Thank you for your time!

-Abigail Price

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