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AJ Scaff

Sep 05, 2023 04:05

I need ya, Cube!

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VOTE FOR MY BAND to headline a fundraiser for suicide prevention. Two days left!

Hi, all ArtCubers!

I need YOUR VOTES! I've entered my rock band AJ Scaff and the Bandoles, in a contest with a big opportunity to open a fundraiser for suicide prevention. 

(Validation via FB or card FYI)
You can scan the QR code below as well.

Have a listen to my demos on SoundCloud if you like to RAWK.

Personally, it's a big deal, as I've lost several friends to suicide over the years, it's a crushing grief. 

Professionally, the strike has slowed my Production Designer/Construction coordinator career, so I've focused on my music and I would love to play in front of an audience of 18,000+ people, HUGE!

Please share this, it really helps get more gigs and awareness!

Thanks all, I sincerely hope you have a great day!

ArtCube Rocks!

AJ Scaff


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