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Jul 23, 2023 02:57

Need Welder/Metalworker to Finish Prop

New York City Job

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Artist + Maker
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$ 40/HOUR
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We need to add some metal components to a science fiction prop for a short film, and looking for a skilled metalworker that can handle it. See the attached photos for the state of this "Brain scanner" prop currently. When you compare those to the attached CAD renderings, you will see that we need to add the metal rails which stick up from the main hexagonal box. Mounted on these is the head-ring assembly, which ideally needs to be able to slide up and down on the pipes and then lock into position around the person's head. These head-rings are made out of 3/4 inch plexiglass and I have attached an image of them as well. 

     So the welding will be in making the head-ring assembly, and creating the rails which have some sort of track or groove on them so that the whole thing can slide up and down. We have a hydraulic unit which can lower the head-rings smoothly during the shot and then we can reset them by raising them manually.

We can transport the prop to your shop to get the work done. We need the prop finished by August 11 for our shoot. You can message me here or call/text me at 802 578 3625.

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