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Charlotte Royer

Mar 16, 2018 03:56

Noguchi floor lamp rental

New York City Legacy

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Hey Cubers, We've been searching high and low for any prophouse that rents Noguchi floor lamps, since buying one is outside the scope of our budget. I've done the lighting spots on Bowery, asked the Noguchi Museum, gone through the catalogs of: Prop N Spoon, ACME, Lost and Found, Eclectic, ModProps, Newel, Arenson, etc. Looked at Pearl River, West Elm, World Market, Target, and HomeGoods. I'm looking for possible alts as well -- something similarly odd/organic shaped, soft light, ~6' tall floor lamp. Not a torch style or arclight. Bought all the options IKEA has on hand but nothing is the right height. Would appreciate any leads-- Thanks all!

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