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Kat Roman

Mar 11, 2023 01:50

*** NYC SOS, OT: Family mid-move, apt filled/scammed, seeking temp. housing A$AP, tytyty!!! ***

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Hi beauties! In a wild situation. Essentially wondering if you or yours happen to know of a vacant apt for the next few months? I know the market is WILD. Only asking as it’s dire (and no worries either way) here’s the sitch 💕
My brother and his GF are moving to NYC tomorrow morning, driving up now (yayy!!!) but their sublet friend turned out to be scamming them and the apartment is actually filled (boooooooo). And have everything packed in their car! 
Is there any chance you might know of an open place they might be able to land in this weekend and regroup? Potentially staying for a few months? Or maybe know of a space in the area and be willing to let them rent as they regroup?! Would mostly be the lovely GF as my bro will be travelling for work. She's just wonderful (teacher, actor, singer)!
Happy to ofc talk through on the phone and provide whatever helpful. So so so grateful. Also scowering sites. Thank you always for your brainpower and time and energy xoxoxo best to you
(703) 350-7460

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