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Nov 11, 2020 06:40

Studio Space in East Williamsburg.

New York City Space

Space Details


Hello everyone. I am looking to sublet my studio in East Williamsburg Brooklyn from January to June. After that you would take the lease over if you wanted to stay.

It’s on the corner of Metropolitan and Morgan Ave. The building is pretty popular so you may know it. Other tenants in the complex are Lightbulb Grip (for rentals) there are a few set shops, artists, designers. Short bike ride to Edge Rentals for your van pickup. Pretty nice having everything all in one place.

Ground floor with loading dock and ramp to parking lot. There are double doors to the the outside so moving large stuff in and out is a breeze. 12′ ceilings. There is an enclosed storage room with a lofted space above.

There is an overhead heater in the space so its toasty in the winter.

I’ve used it as a sculpture studio (woodworking, and other fabrication) but it would be delivered empty. Its a great space with a lot of nice people around. I’ll miss it.

625 sf. for $1600 a month. Includes all utilities, internet and trash etc.

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