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Eva Radke

May 29, 2020 07:03

Tonight’s Cube-made prizes for Trivia Night are off the hook.

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It’s been hard. Real hard. It’s easy to forget to have some fun when the world is on fire, but it’s important to laugh, connect and activate the mind. So, we bring you some tailor-made entertainment!

For the Film and TV-themed Trivia Night I wanted to offer prizes made by Cubers and they slay!

We hope to see you tonight!

7pm EST

Zoom :

Meeting ID: 898 3453 9032

Password: 809359

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Thanks to the Prize Makers!!!!

Christina Rea @stingreastudios

Chrisopher Soprano @sop_art_studio

Aria Pegg @ajpdesigns_

Kevin Fernandez @kevinfernandeznyc

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