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Samantha Shoffner

Sep 02, 2023 01:43

Urgent URGENT- Need high pressure CO2 Hose for Fogger (Will Rent, Will Buy, )

New York City ISO

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Construction + Materials, Equipment, Fabrication + Custom, Production Supplies, SFX
Hi friends, My show at New World Stages is in desperate need of a CO2 hose for our fogger and with the holiday weekend the company hasn't answered. Photos are being taken this afternoon so it's a very urgent ask, but also will take it anytime as we start previews on Monday.  We are on W 50th St and would pay for delivery as well as the rental/purchase! If you have a high-pressure C02 hose, or know who does, could you please email my production manager * Join to View *.
(For use with eclipse low fog generator). Maybe someone has one lying around that would let us rent for a few days to pick up some extra cash, or buy, or knows where we can get one urgently.
Thank you SO much.
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