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Art Department Fundamentals to Launch your Career.

Feb 22, 2024 11:34
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Getting into the Art Department 101:
Learn the Craft

Meet ArtCraft NYC. Accepting applications starting March 1st. 

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No tuition, no kidding

Intro: The New Film Production Training Program

Participants will embark on a new and comprehensive transformative 5-week Art Department course taught by seasoned Industry professionals. 

Their mission is to get their hands dirty and show students the ropes (and sash) of the film industry.

Whether you’re a total newbie or you’ve got a little bit experience under your belt, they’re here to prep you for a professional film career.

What makes this such an amazing opportunity?

Hands-on learning, field trips to local trusted vendors, and cool group projects that prepare you for real jobs from professionals who work in the business.

They cover everything from production design to set decoration and props. And don’t worry if you’re starting from scratch; they’re all about starting with the basics and building up your skills from there.

So, if you’re ready to transform your creativity into a career on the big screen, ArtCraft NYC might just be the perfect starting point for your journey into the nuts and bolts (literally, sometimes) of Art Department for Film, Television, and beyond.

Art Craft's Art Department Training Program Breakdown

Week 1


  • Basic filmmaking terminology
  • Roles and responsibilities of the Art Dept.
  • Script analysis and creative design approaches
  • Scouting and surveying locations
  • Collaborating with Directors, Cinematographers, and Location Managers
  • Research and mood boards


  • Photoshop & Illustrator basics
  • Reading and drafting furniture plans and elevations
  • Budgeting for materials and labor
  • Translating 2D drawings to a 3D world with Construction & Scenic Depts.
  • Considering Post-Production (VFX, color grades) during Pre-Production
  • Collaborating with Costume Designers & Hair / Make-Up Dept. Heads


  • Sourcing set dressing and props at local industry vendors
  • Sourcing and swatching fabrics, linoleum flooring, and carpet
  • Communicating with teams to execute designs
  • Temporary installation techniques
  • Designing custom window treatments


  • Reading production documents including schedules
  • Creating work calendars for art dept prep and strike crews
  • Bringing 2D drawings to digital 3D models to full renders
  • Integrating technology on sets
  • Public speaking and presenting ideas to peers, producers, and studios


  • Giving and receiving peer feedback during practice presentations
  • Creating a resume
  • Unions and how to join
  • Sustainable practices on set
  • Portfolio Review with industry professionals
"In an industry that can be so grueling and difficult to break into, it's massively important to lend a hand. You never know what your simple act of kindness can lead to. "
Cheyenne Ford, Founder of Art Craft NYC headshot
Cheyenne Ford
Production Designer, Founder, Art Craft

Free Flats to Union Card

ArtCube Alum, Cheyenne Ford, Shares Her Cube Tale

I remember the first feature I designed, I had no budget for our built set, but I got free flats that were being scrapped from a big Union movie.

“I have no idea how else we could have made that set happen without ArtCube as a platform to connect with projects that were tossing exactly what I needed into a dumpster.”

Recently, I’ve been having some full-circle moments thinking back to my early career and how ArtCube was a part of that.

My first Art Director credit on a Feature Film was a job I got through ArtCubeNation. It was a non-union movie that ended up flipping. Susan Gammie and Pat Landers from Local USA 829 came to my job site to organize, and I joined the union.

I could have cried when I was in a meeting with the union pitching Art Craft and Pat and Susan said, “Hey I remember meeting you on Staten Island some years ago! Nice to see you again.”  It was a moment of feeling like I was in the right place at the right time surrounded by the right people.

To think I got that job thanks to ArtCube, and now I’m here having so much support from Eva Radke and the ArtCube Nation, it’s a wonderful feeling. I’m so happy to be a part of a community that keeps the cycle of support moving.

“In an industry that can be so grueling and difficult to break into, it’s massively important to lend a hand. You never know what your simple act of kindness can lead to.”


Beautifully put, Cheyenne.  

Thank you for your kind words, art, and activism.

Cubers Rock!

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