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Job V ISO: How to Hire Film Crew and Find Props

Nov 10, 2023 08:09
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How to Cube: Jov v ISO Posts

ArtCube Job Posts v ISO Posts

Choosing the right form when you want to hire film crew, or offer Art Department jobs is critical to our and your trust within the film industry.

When hiring a freelance film crew on ArtCube Nation it is essential the job details are transparent, the poster is held accountable, and employment fairness as spelled out on pour our core values.

Our platform is dedicated to providing the best experience for job seekers and film industry employers. By using the appropriate forms and providing complete information, you can maximize your chances of successful collaborations within our community.

Three Reasons the Job Form Matters

1. Transparency + Fair Hiring

Job Details Allow Informed Decisions

  • A job posted with fully disclosed details allows informed decisions.

  • Jobs posted with fully disclosed details promote accountability.

  • The form includes essential details, minimizing back-and-forth communication and ensuring transparency in hiring.

  • Rates must be posted to prevent any ambiguity or unfair practices.

  • We provide “wiggle room” with ‘negotiable’ and ‘flexible’ checkboxes.

2. Some Art Dpartment Crew Opt Out of Market Notifications.

You may not reach all qualified candidates.

  • Some Cubers exclusively search for work and aren’t interested in the Market.
  • We split it up in 4.0 It’s overwhelming if you are not a set decorator or a set dec shopper by trade.
ArtCube Nation Notifications.

3. It mucks up Community Metrics

  • Come February 2024 we will have one year amassed of crew rates,  job positions, job types, and divided union film jobs and non-union, etc. Granted, 2023 is the worst year ever, so 2024 rates should be interesting to compare.
  • Crew jobs by season, national holiday, or city-specific events.
Community Metrics Art Department Vendors and the Hollywood Strike: Film Industry Vendors who are hiring bar graph of what kind of job listings were hiring during the Hollywood Strike The Art Department Jobs in New York City were Fabrication, Commercials and "Other" projects like Photography and Fashion Week fabrication.  The films hiring film crew were "Microbudgets" SAG exempted from the strike. Art Department TV jobs totally flatlined.
With Community Metrics, we quantified jobs during the WGA Strike.

A Word from the Wise

"If you don't say where you've looked folks may be repeating avenues you've already tried, and it wastes people's time.

If you are new and unsure, then say so. we are happy to help guide you, but we won't do someone else's work.

ArtCube Nation works because we value each other, the information shared, and the knowledge gained by doing so. Respect that."

Understanding the MARKET's ISO Posts:

When to Create an ISO Post:

URGENT ISO POSTThere is as deathe of discp balls in July

ISO is...

  • A signal to Vendors and Cubers you need help finding A THING, be it set dressing, raw material, prop, or particular oddity.


  • Commonly on weekends, after delivery fails, last-minute urgent requests, or a dearth of inventory.… like Disco Balls during Pride Month!

ISO is NOT...

  • A workaround due to insufficient art department crew job details or low/illegal rates.

  • A search engine. Remember,  you are asking a human community of experienced professionals, proceed with your reputation in mind.

Call it Out or Email Us

Email the admin or call it out *professionally* if something is fishy with a job post.

I try to read all the posts, but on some busier “behind the scenes” days, I don’t see them as quickly as members do.


Cube on you crazy diamonds!

Eva Radke

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