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Art and Activism: “Single-Use Reflections”

Apr 01, 2024 03:31
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Field Trip!  Sculpture Installation Celebration and Networking

Man surrounded by plastic bottles art installation.

Meet the Artist Banjamin Von Wong

Cubers have been invited by the artist to experience the powerful crossroads of art and activism as we celebrate the installation  “Single-Use Reflections,” a stirring sculptural installation by the esteemed artist and activist, Benjamin Von Wong, in collaboration with Kiehl’s Since 1851.

If you collected bottles for this sculpture, they are included in the staggering 400 million metric tons of plastic discarded annually worldwide, “Single-Use Reflections” serves as both a striking work of art and a call to action against the environmental impact of single-use plastics.

What’s super cool to note is that the build is happening at SFDS, a long-time business Cuber. SFDS is a full-service scenic fabrication shop. Their expert team of designers, CNC technicians, scenic artists, carpenters, and painters are always excited to welcome new team members! 

This is a chance to be inspired by the artist, connect with fellow Cubers, and celebrate the fusion of creativity and conscience at the celebration held at the installation site. 

“Single-Use Reflections” Installation Site

5 pm – 7 pm

10th avenue
between 14th + 15th

Pier 57 after party

Come hang out, network, and meet the team and volunteers who brought the giant “Single-Use Reflection” Art installation to life!

It’s just a fun little opportunity to gather, take selfies, and catch up!

After the sunset, around 7 PM, we’ll head over to Pier 57 for bites, drinks, and continued hang time.

"I make eco-solutions irresistible through art."

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