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Aug 23, 2023 04:27
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SEO for Freelancers: BLog Cover: OPTIMIZE YOUR IMAGES on Social Media + The Cube

Upgrade your freelance career and visual professional branding through easy, yet powerful SEO image strategies with SEO for Creative Freelancers.

SEO for Creative Freelancers: Forge a digital pathway to showcase your portfolio using metadata. Metadata acts as a guide for web crawlers seeking digital connections.

  • Metadata creates a “map” for web crawlers looking for digital connective tissue.
  • Consistency is key. Don’t take shortcuts. Put the same effort into your personal branding as you do for clients. SEO isn’t just luck; it’s deliberate optimization
  • Put the words to the image – the more descriptive details the better!
  • Put in the same hard work for yourself as you do on the job for others!

SEO for Freelancers is a real thing and no one told you that until now! What if your work showed up in Google Images? It can,  It’s not luck, it’s Search Engine Optimization.

ArtCube Nation, like all Art Department job sites, is crawled by search engine bots or crawlers. We built the platform, you have to provide the data. Otherwise, the blood, sweat, tears, and hours are wasted when the final product, the set photos has zero metadata aka image SEO.

The remarkable photos on ArtCube Nation profiles, showcasing the talents of Set Designers, Set Decorators, Production Designers, and Prop Stylists, often go unnoticed on the web due to messy or missing metadata.

Furthermore, In the ever-shifting world of the film industry or any creative industry where creativity meets commerce, freelancers face a unique challenge: how to showcase their skills to a local and global audience while competing with an ever-expanding pool of talent that seems to get by on luck.  It’s not luck. They have optimized their brand and images.

Simply put, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) steps in as a strategic ally for anyone. Freelance Film Crew, Niche Artists and Makers on ArtCube Nation, and other freelancers can position themselves for success in this visually-driven, fast-paced landscape.

⚠️ This scratches the surface.⚠️

SEO for Freelancers: What are Your Essential Keywords?

This SEO for Freelancers article is in no way comprehensive. It’s meant to get you started and aware.

ArtCube Nation admin can see you all HUSTLING to work, connect, and hire the best of the best. 

But, nearly everyone uploads their profile avatar, resume PDF, posts to social, and portfolio photos like the metadata doesn’t matter.  

Metadata matters.

SEO for Freelancers, CubeBot's Cuber Profile. Thumb's Up Bot Avatar

  • SEO is a lot less and a lot more than you might think.
  • It’s NOT all about tags and clicks.  That was 1996.
  • SEO is more time-consuming than complicated. 
  • The algorithms get smarter and change all the time.  So had better your brand strategy.
  • Your name
    • Make sure it is consistent across platforms.
    • Alex J. Upsom vs. Alex Upsom confuses the poor bots.
  • Your social handles
    • Make sure it is consistent across platforms.
    • If you are @truckPA on Instagram and @petaltothemetal on ArtCube Nation that also confuses the persnickety bots.
    • Does your handle bio contain your tag words?
  • Your job title(s)
    • Make sure it is consistent across platforms.
    • Have you moved up or on?  Clean it up.
  • Your city
    • Make sure it is consistent across platforms.
    • We suggest a CITY over a borough or neighborhood for a wider cast net
  • Add all to your social bios
    • Make sure it is consistent across platforms.
    • Do your bios relate consistent information?
    • Does your bio contain your tag words?

SEO for Freelancers: Social Media SEO

Creative professionals THINK they are accomplishing SEO for Freelancers when they use hashtags, while it helps with search results with the app, it’s not the full SEO picture, 

Cubers LOVE to post their images of projects to Instagram, and all the various social media outlets.

Ask yourself: does social media tip the needle?  Are followers and likes contributing to your career path with people you don’t know?

Maybe somewhat, but what if your work showed up in a Google image search for Production Design, for example?

🤖 Bots can’t see pictures, but they can read.🤖

Their job is to produce the best search result given the information provided, including meta information. You have to literally spell it out for web crawlers and, remember, just because YOU can’t see it, doesn’t mean it’s not really important.

RENAME IMAGES: Bots love easy.

SEO for Freelancers: ArtCube Nation WordPress Admin Vie example of how NO ONE adds alt text to their portfolio photos.
Guess the web crawler fave.

ALT TEXT: Describe with keywords!

SEO for Freelancers, add meta data, exaple of meta Data
Example of Alt Text and Title

Add KEYWORDS in a detailed description in ALT TEXT and TITLE to every image that reps your brand.

SEO for Freelancers: Screengrab of Instagram, Alt Text is under Accessabiliy
IG's Advanced Settings > Alt Text

Your Profile is an SEO for Freelancers Tool for
Art Department Crew by design!

Help us help you. 

Take control of your online presence. Complete your profile, edit image metadata, and share your profile link on social media and your website.

We genuinely want to help you achieve the most success possible ON and OFF our platform. The Art Department is hard enough and frankly, not a lot of you are tech-savvy.  That’s our job.

Know why everyone regards ArtCube as the best site for the Art Department? Because we care and we listen and we see how hard you work.

Let ArtCube Nation work for YOU!

Read about Skills, Tools, and Licenses for additional tips and a few easter eggs to find!

Share this! 

It helps strengthen the Cube’s SEO, and the more people that find us, find YOU!

Are you a writer? Have an opinion? Want to raise your profile and generate a few backlinks?

Contact us to blog for the Cube!

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